The Museum of the Iron Curtain in Valtice offers a wide range of additional services.

Individual Excursions

We offer excursions outside of our standard opening hours for groups of at least 10 persons or more. (Our night excursions are quite popular) A detailed guide of our museum with an individual approach is provided. If you wish so, we can prepare a programme specifically designed for your needs. For groups smaller than 10, individual excursions are possible, however with a small fee included.


We offer excursions for schools in a time chosen by you, including a professional historical comment as well as a hands-on experience with uniforms and de-commissioned weapons. Furthermore we offer seminars in our audiovisual room, or a historical demonstration of the border-control.

Parties, celebrations and seminars

We offer an uncommon environment for your celebrations or business parties. We are situated with a beautiful view of the Pavlov hills, Valtice and vineyards. We can offer you outdoor seating or a stylish audiovisual room. All of this can be accompanied by catering in uniform provided by My hotel Lednice. The food is prepared by Grand Moravia Restaurant.

Schooling capacity

The Museum of the Iron Curtain has schooling space of a capacity for 20 to 40 people for an unmatched price. We own all the necessary schooling equipment. If you are interested in schooling, please, don’t hesitate and contact us.


We offer a wide variety of souvenirs, from postcards, to original pieces of barbed wire from the Iron Curtain, regional products of the highest quality as well as products sold to support the local foundation ‘Ledňáček’.


Thanks to our long experience in events management and historical re-enactment, we have prepared experience packages for our customers; these may be further combined and changed.

A night in the prison

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to spend a night in a small cell? What feelings and thoughts a person must have closed in a cramped place behind bars? Your wildest dreams may come true with us. You will receive a blanket and a mess tin; it’s only up to you how you deal with the small cell full of dirt and despair. A mug shot as well as a surprise interrogation is included. After a night spent on the hard bunk, you will receive a full prisoners breakfast. Upon leaving, you can leave a note on the wall as well as receive your mug shot and a document of proof of fulfilling your sentence.

Become a border guard

Become a border guard, green uniform, insignia, machinegun and all. Together with your commander, you will head out to guard the state border! You will learn the old border paths leading through vineyards. You will see the view of the land under the Palava Mountain and realise how difficult it was to guard the infamous Iron Curtain. During your watch you will eat real military rations and for lunch you will be served a gulash into your mess tin. Made by a cook who used to cook for the border guard. If you will be fast and witty enough, you may even manage to catch an intruder and put him into a dirty cell!